Should Major League Baseball bow out of the World Baseball Classic now?

Finally, the U.S.A. has won the Classic in 2017, but at what cost.  It came at a very high cost for the Seattle Mariners. The M’s sent 12 players to the Classic. More than half of these players are the “stars” or the most pivot able players on the roster. These players include, Nelson Cruz, Robby Cano, Felix Hernandez, Drew Smyly, Juan Segura and Edwin Diaz.  Every one of these players  except Diaz, who has had an up and down beginning of the season ended up on the DL. Pitchers Yovani Gallardo and Sam Gaviglio were slated to be starters but never even made the big club and were sent down to the Mariners minor league affiliate. Only after injuries to 3 of the M’s starters were they brought back up. Dan Altavilla was another  young Mariners reliever who had a knockout season in 2016 is now a yo-yo, bouncing from Majors to Minors and back and forth again.

General Jerry DiPito was very encouraging about his players participation. I wonder how he feels now in hindsight. His team has only made it to .500% once this season and currently sits second to last in his division and 9 games out of front running Houston who sent only 5 players, Nori Aoiki (part time player), Carlos Beltran(batting 50 points below career average), Carlos Correa, Jose Allltuve, and Luke Gregerson(sitting with .687 era, double his career stats.)

Overall, many other teams have had issues with players who played in the WBC. Even in years past, there has been a fan displeasure over “their” teams players participation in the Classic. The Seattle Mariners fans should feel this way, I know I do. There was a time when Carlos Beltran, when he played in Seattle, was not allowed to play in the Classic by management.

Then there is the other side. The players side. Most of them like the idea of playing with others from their same country of origin but this is not about what the players like but what is good for the team they play for and have signed contracts with and the teams fans.

Even in other sports, teams and leagues are starting to bow out of other venues. Take the NHL, who will not play in the next Olympics.

The WBC is a great idea but not at the cost of players health and the franchises they play for. When attendance and revenue go down, so will the World Baseball Classic.


Womens Curling Soft Porn Sport?

Normally I never ever watch curling, both men’s and women’s but occasionally I will leave a Canadian sports channel on and not bother changing the channel but I leave the sound off. Well this time the sound was on and I started hearing, “Go Go Go, harder harder , yess Off off” Then I heard “push push push, no, no no, harddddd” but this one forced me to look up as all men do when they hear something like that with motion. This was happening on every rock, each time.It is amazing how many words you hear that you wish were being said or you were lucky enough to hear and how the wording is emphasized..As I looked up, I saw every mans fantasy.  Two women with brooms talking sexy. I now started to watch Women’s Curling and paying attention. These weren’t your everyday over weight weekenders like the ones in the stands watching the live event, but well figured, some even hot looking,athletes. I started to sweat and saying to myself, “hey, this is kinda hot”

I could only watch it for my normal 3 minutes, of course.

Now why is this such a big deal. For men like me, an older widowed man. I didn’t think I discovered anything new, but it was exciting to say the least. Well, many men do not like porn  but when a good sex scene or the flash of breast hits the screen we take interest. But who in their right mind would associate sexy soft porn talk to a sport. Especially, a cold winter sport like curling. But it is The only thing close to figure skating and hockey’s Ice girls. That’s it. For the single male of all ages. We automatically take notice. If our attention is not erect, then some else will be. It is only natural. Soft porn talk or even passion talk will grab a mans attention.

I now watch women’s curling with more interest and I have even learned most of the rules. What you may want to call it, it is a lot better than watching men’s curling for me.


Star Trek Needs a socially current tv show. Star Trek, Days of their Lives.

I think it is time for Star Trek conglomerate to become socially committed to new scripts for a new Star Trek TV series. . I mean scripts that actually try to conquer social issues. Yes they did touch on  “Sulu” being gay in their newest movie “Star Trek Beyond” with reference in pictures of his mate and daughter? You see all three heading off to spend some family quality time in early scenes of the movie. That is nice but I am thinking about something more in tune with our time. You know, like, Spock actually being an addict of a space narcotic.or, the Doctor being an alcoholic. Oh wait, he is, in the same movie he steals liquor out or Checkov’s locker. They could have taken it further with something similar to a trial for invasion of an officers quarters, punishable to 10 years in space prison and being kicked out of Star Fleet.. Plus he would have to get and stay sober.

There must be a lot more social problems with the mixing of species. We can have one species of pink skin having the species with brown skins “share Cropping” There is a lot of  story lines there.  Better yet maybe they can find that stick that has been up Spock’s ass since episode 1. Turns out that it wasn’t a stick but a skinny alien prostitute he was with in a three some partying with that space narcotics for 3 earth days and he thought she went home after 2 days.

We can have younger teen cadets taking out a rover for a joy ride and starting war. The aliens catch the kids and want to execute them. Lots of room to move here. Don’t forget the kids parents are in the on ship bar getting smashed every night. Must be good for a couple of episodes there. Teacher student episode, Teen pregnancy , even a whole spin off series of teen for Disney Channel. Let’s call it Star Trek Glimmer and Glee.

There can be an out break of space A.I.D.S. on the ship due to the crew all being of an average young adult age.. All members of space fleet for life. Stuck on a Ship for 5 years with no where to go. They can have an illegal Holo Deck programs in which there is a sex addiction to and involve secret alien group sex participation. How about a whole range of illegal programs. Fight club, gambling.0r illegal space E-Bay and even hacking and an Amsterdam Smoke Shop program.

I am tired of the same ole same ole of another alien war monger or Star Fleet Commander gone crazy waging war on star fleet because of a personal agenda. It is time for Star Trek to tackle the hard issues in a Star Trek way in the future. There may even be writers talented in this space time to write something that might change the world or do something good.

But on a serious note. the Star Trek enterprise (pun intended) is now ingrained in our society already. But it is just fluff with a violent tone. The only relevant thing the Star Trek Enterprise has is the battle between good and evil mostly with violence. Yes even the animation series is of a very violent nature. They only answer an issue with violence even though they are doing it “unintentionally” The very early Star Trek series did deal with current social problems by trying to predict that we as a species had evolved. I just hope the current Star Trek Lords will keep that more to the fore front.

The Best idea for the Star Trek Enterprise is to stick its corporate neck out a bit and move into the post Spock, Kirk era, becoming a leader into the future of moral ideals instead of followers.


Where did you learn to drive, Sandwich school?

Freeway driving is just a nightmare in most big Cities and you have to protect yourself at all times.  Some states are worse than others and I can’t say with certainty that all are bad but my god, where the hell did you learn how to drive and who gave you a drivers license?

Remember the 4 second rule at

Ever wonder why traffic is backed up when there is no accidents? Highway patrol blame one of the reasons on “weavers” You know those guys that zip in and out of traffic thinking they will get to their destination faster. Yea they may get there 30 seconds or a minute faster on a 20 minute trip but the legal drivers get the bad traffic they have caused and 30 minutes later and 25 weavers later, the traffic is now slowed to half speed or to a full stop at times. The math is in and the experts have proven that weavers are responsible, for the most part to many accidents directly and indirectly due to forcing people to break more than usual.

I could rant forever about these drivers that squeeze their cars into parallel parking size spaces at 60 M.P.H. causing the legal driver to break which causes the behind vehicles to break and thus you have a chain reaction of breakers. Now weaver will do this to every lane for 6 or 7 times or more on their trip and all up a sudden you have more impatient weavers doing this more often until someone hits some one. This is highly illegal should be policed better because it is dangerous but its not. POLICE DO YOU DAMN JOB!

Take that phone and shove it. You know its against the law but you do it anyway and rarely the gabber mouths don’t get a ticket. POLICE DO YOU DAMN JOBS!

How about some someone letting me by. Ever notice that cars in the “fast lane” go the same speed as the car next to them. Thus they leave a line of cars wanting to pass but can’t. Even if they are going the speed limit does not mean you should let faster drivers  stay behind you. You are breaking the law.. Slower traffic must move over even if you are speeding. Turn off your cruise control you lazy ass. Cruise control is for the open highway, not city freeway driving.  POLICE DO YOUR GODDAMN JOB!

There are just so many instances of bad driving and just plain rude selfish assholes driving out there that all I can say is WHERE are the Police and why won’t they do their jobs? One reason is that there are not enough police being used for bad drivers because they are dealing with real crimes but dangerous driving is more important than shoplifting. Thus us legal drivers must forever be on the watch for bad drivers to protect ourselves from these criminals with 1 ton weapons in their hands.

My advice to you legal drivers is to put in cameras in you vehicles both front and back. Use good cameras that will read license plates and work at night. When you see an instance of illegal driving note the time and take that time stamped video and send it into the police.

The more people do that the more pressure is on them to DO THEIR GODDAM JOBS! If the Police cannot do their jobs for whatever reason, then we must help them or pressure them to do something.






Gay is a homophobic term too

Today, Andrew Shaw of the Chicago Black hawks professional Hockey club, was suspended 1 playoff game for making a homophobic slur while sitting in the penalty box after being penalized for what he felt was an unjust penalty. Not only was it at a crucial point in the game, this was a playoff .He was suspended for 1 game for His actions.  I  am not a Chicago fan.  In fact, I am the furthest thing from a Chicago fan as I am a Vancouver Canucks fan.

This is what I am curious and even mad about and that is the term “Gay”.  Mr. Hine, you are not GAY. You are not happy and in fact, from your statements about other “Gay” athlete’s not coming out of the closet tells me that you are definitely unhappy. You are a Homosexual. Gay is another homophobic term, just like F*got, Q*eer and all the other gross terms people call the homosexual community.

The homosexual world is far too sensitive about being called  a name and in my book, the term gay is just as bad. The old saying “stick and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me” does not apply to this world you live in anymore. Why should anyone take you seriously. I know why, The Black Hawks gave you a job due to sexual orientation and not for your writing, intelligence and reporting skill. You were waiting for a juicy bit of news to happen and you justify your acts by doing the same thing as the one you accused by using the term gay to describe your community. Here is his tweet :

But what he said tonight was inexcusable and is one of the reasons why gay athletes everywhere stay closeted and often live lives of torment

This statement alone shows his immaturity and lack of sensitivity and lack of intelligence. What people do is their own business and should be kept to themselves. The fact that you want every homosexual person to come out of the closet shows just how stupid and insensitive you really are only about  is having more  your own in your small  little homosexual world.

It is my opinion that he also used a homophobic statement and should also be brought up for disciplinary action. Who determines what is a homophobic term anyway. Just because you are homosexual and your friends are homosexual does not mean you can choose what is a homophobic term or not. There are always two sides to every story.

Now I can say, as an ex athlete and coach, umpire and referee for more years than I want to say that a lot worse has been said on the field of battle than homophobic slurs . For me calling someone a M*ther F*cker is far worse. But that statement can be heard a number of times in almost every single adult game.Even the calling of someone a B*itch can be construed as more offensive and these statements and so many more happen so many times during a contest in every sport that its is not even funny. Why is this any worse?

Now the only reason this is brought to the forefront is because an overly sensitive immature homosexual writer heard Shaw’s comments because he was given preferential seating due to the fact that he is a writer for the Black Hawks.

The writer, Chris Hine ‎@ChristopherHine, had to report this statement that wasn’t even directed at him, but at some one on the ice.  I may be wrong but I do not think so, but it is apparent to me that Ms. Hine has never played a contact sport and has no idea how emotional a highly contested game is. Things are said and done and after the game everything is supposed to be left on the ice, field of play or in the locker room. But in instances like this, Mr Hine is using this opportunity to make another homophobic statement and has jumped on the sensitive train just like so many other media writers who want to include gay acts into almost every tv show and movie to the point that I have become disgusted with many of these shows and networks that show them.

Is not anything sacred anymore. Can we not make fools out of other people by putting insensitive minorities into a position of sharing their opinions and influencing others and allowing those statements to go public.

Manny Pacqiuo speaks from his heart and his religious beliefs and it cost him millions of dollars and I believe him to be an honest individual and his is punished for being honest..

I do not think that this kind of insensitive action can be justified because a small minority of people are offended. Anything said can at sometime become offensive to someone. Chris Hine’s statements offend me and I know for a fact that his statements offend far more people than Andrews Shaw’s statement on the ice if it were not made public by a overly sensitive homosexual.

The fact that Hine does not have sex with women leaves me satisfied that his gene pool will end with him..

I dare you to challenge me on this.



Illegals in the USA must be dealt with before its too late

Do you really need an illegal  nanny?  Do you really need an illegal gardener? How about an illegal worker for your legal business? No you don’t! What you need to do is suck it up and hire legal workers that pay taxes.

Are you really that lazy and greedy that you would sell out your own country?

The U.S.A is being invaded on a subversive level. What better way to take down a country than by disrupting the economy from the inside. The more we spend on supporting illegals the less we have to support our own people.

We throw people in jail for a gram of marijuana because it is illegal  but we cannot deport people who are here illegally breaking the law for just standing on American soil.

Businesses that use illegals need to be dealt with. People who hire illegals for meaningless chores just to keep up with the Jones need to be dealt with.

When you drive past a Lowe’s or Home Depot and see 50 illegal aliens waiting to work at higher than minimum wage, do you not see a problem here. We have millions of Americans out of work because we choose to hire and illegal to avoid paying taxes because of greed.  You too are breaking the law.  Anyone that hires an illegal alien with knowledge that they are here illegally are breaking the law too. Do you want to risk getting a criminal record for greed?

Our attitudes must change and we have to pull our heads out of the ground and actually look at what is happening to the United States of America.  Many 911 terrorists were here illegal. We went after Bin Laden with vengeance. Thousands of police men are killed by illegals and we do nothing major .

You the Americans the support illegals by hiring them, voting for politicians that will do nothing and those of you that just want to give a better life are, in my opinion, traitors to their country. You are at fault. You who do not want to make marijuana legal allow violent Cartels to make more money and are giving their illegals more money to buy guns to use on Legal citizens and our Law Enforcement. YOU ARE ALL GUILTY OF BREAKING MANY LAWS OR YOU ARE GUILTY OF SUPPORTING TERRORIST TYPE ACTIVITIES.

The money we give them leaves this country at an alarming rate. Our financial infrastructure is out of balance. We give welfare to illegal mothers. We give them food stamps, housing and treat them like legal Americans and it cost hundreds of millions of dollars. We have full penitentiaries over run by law breaking, police killing, drug dealing criminals because we failed to stop them at the border.

Too many Americans cannot see the big picture and weigh what is right for their country and want to see them have a better life. This is all well and good but there is slippery slope as we start to descend upon a future of financial despair as our nation debt to China rises by the minute and we send troops to other countries to protect their borders. What about our borders?

In the U.S., illegal aliens cost the states 333billion dollars in 2006. I am guessing it is about 3 times as much here in 2014. More Americans are killed by illegals than any war we are in now.  In the mean time we have more homeless Americans because we cannot take care of our own. The break down of the cost of illegals is even more surprising.  The cost of incarceration, the judicial system, drugs and the damage they do, and the government support given to illegals is off the charts.

What we need is a non partisan government two party endorsed panel that makes decisions based on what is good for the country and swayed for votes and political party agendas. A panel that say if we need to put 20,000 troops on the border, then we do it. A panel that says we need to remove and deport anyone that is illegal in this country with a larger immigration police force to do this, then we do it.

If we do not make changes to our illegal alien policy very soon, the job of doing this will be more costly  in the future. This is an invasion pure and simple.

The sign on the statue of liberty “Give us your poor etc etc etc” has to be done but do it legally. It does not matter if an illegal has been here for 30 years or 30 minutes, the are still breaking the law.

This what it is all about. The law and the consequences of breaking the law. It is time to enforce these laws


Its been a few years since I been here and the main reason is that in my small life, I have a lot to do and the older I get the more I have to do. I seems that venting is a good way to relieve stress and lately I have been stressed a lot because I started listening and reading and watching the news. the news again. Here is what I learned.

I have learned Americans are hypocrites by nature. Including myself.

I have learned but always knew that Greed runs the government and the government runs the people and people by nature again, are greedy.

I have learned that WE WILL RUIN THE PLANET

I have learned that the Media is its own enemy.

I have learned that Population control is non existent creates a tricked down effect on everything which in effect is the root to all the above 5 things that I have learned.

In next few weeks I will offer my opinion and use some common sense values to them all. I may offer true solutions because I have no knowledge of how the inner circle works or nor am I privy to all the inside facts. Without these I can only give opinions on a common man point of view using common sense as a guiding light.

WELL, 2 month into hockey lockout and nothing

I am still mad. Evidently, grown men are 182 million apart and they just can’t say enough is enough, lets just split the difference. This tell me that neither side really cares about the fans that much. We are the suckers, the losers and the ones that sort of support it all. However, there is nothing we can do short of stop buying anything NHL sponsers.

However, the ones that really miss out are the charities the NHL has committed to.  No hockey means no revenue for these charities from the 50/50 game night draws to the toss coins into the united ways bins at the counters of the hockey rink.

I care for hockey and will watch it when it ever gets back but this time, no jerseys, no t-shirts, no hockey cards or memorabilia. No buys products advertised on tv, or going to the games. I will support the bars and clubs that show the games but other than that, my confidence in the league has dwindled. The third lockout in 10 years is just too much. I had junior hockey to get me through the other years but this year really hurts the more.

Norris Trophy winner Erik Karlsson signs in Europe

Norris Trophy winner Erik Karlsson has signed with Jokerit of the Finnish Elite League, his agent Don Meehan confirmed to

How would Ottawa feel if their star 22 year old got injured and missed the season if the lockout was stopped and there was peace in the NHL?

where are the NHL Players playing in Europe?

Here is a partial list of players and their league and teams. This list will be updated. There are many streaming sites that broadcast these teams and their games on the internet. Unfortunately, they are n Europe times which means you must view them in the morning and early afternoon. It is even worse for us west coast hockey fans. East coast hockey fans have the luxury of viewing games that may start as late as 2pm. I cannot give you links to the streaming sites but in this case Google is your friend.  Remember with these streaming sites.’IF YOU ARE ASKED TO UPDATE YOUR FLASH PLAYERS. dO NOT DO THIS, AS IN MOST CASES THEY ARE A VIRUS OF A MAJOR PAIN IN THE ASS.  you should only need sopcast or a site link. As you get used to the sites and their times, it will be easier to find the one that work best for your favorite team or players

Christian ehrhoff German league Kerfeld

Anisimov KHL Lokomotiv

Tyler Seguin Switzerland EHC Biel

Murray Swedish League Djurgardens

Hornquist Swedish League Djurgardens

goc German League Adler-Mannheim

Seidenberg German Adler-Mannheim

Andrew Ferrence Czech League HC Moubntfield Ceske Budejovice

Radek Martinek Czech league Mountfield Ceske Budejoice

Sergei Bobrovsky KHL SKA St. Petersburg

Anton Babchuk KHL Donbass

Vladimir Tarasenko KHL St Petersburg

Ruslan fedotenko KHL Donbass

Alexei Ponikaarovsky KHL Donbass

Alex Ovechkin KHL

Rotislav Klesa Czech League HC Ocelari Trinec

Jamir Jagr Czech Hc Klano (team owner too)

Tomas Kaberle Czech Hc Klano

Ladislav Smid Czech Hc Klano

Ondrej Pavelec Czech Hc Klano

Tyler Ennis Switzerland Sc Langnau Tigers

Jared Spurgeon Switzerland Sc Langnau Tigers

Tomas Tatar Lovakia Hk Dukla Trencin

Jakub Kindl Czech Extraliga Hc Pardubice

Alexei Emelin KHL Kazan

Roman Polaks Czech Hc Vitkovice

David Krejci Czech

Miroslav Satan Czech HC Slovan Bratislava

Zedeno Chara Czech HC Slovan Bratislava (joining at his leisure)

Alex Ovechkin KHL Dynamo Moscow

Mark Streit Switzerland Bern

Joe Thornton Swwitzerland Davos

Rick Nash Switzerland Davos

Evgeni Malkin KHL Metallurg Magnitogorsk

Sergei Gonchar Khl Metallurg Magnitogorsk

Anze Kopitar Sweden Mora IK

Ilya Kovalchuk KHL SKA St. Petersburg

Jason Spezza Switzerland Rapperswil-Jona Lakers

Logan Couture Swiss A-League Geneve-Servette HC

Niklas Backstrom  KHL Dynamo Minsk

Nail Yakupov KHL Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk

Lubomir Visnovsky Slovakia HC Slovan Bratislava

Patrik Berglund Sweden Allsvenskan for FREE

Max Pacioretty switzerland Ambri-Piotta


Pekka Rinne, KHL Dinamo Minsk

Tuukka Rask  Czech HC Plzen

Ondrej Pavelec Czech

Michal Neuvirth Czech

Rich Peverley Finland JYPin

Wayne Simmons German Eispiraten Crimmitschau

Chris Stewart German Eispiraten Crimmitschau

Anthony Stewart England Nottingham Panthers