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Womens Curling Soft Porn Sport?

Normally I never ever watch curling, both men’s and women’s but occasionally I will leave a Canadian sports channel on and not bother changing the channel but I leave the sound off. Well this time the sound was on and I started hearing, “Go Go Go, harder harder , yess Off off” Then I heard “push push push, no, no no, harddddd” but this one forced me to look up as all men do when they hear something like that with motion. This was happening on every rock, each time.It is amazing how many words you hear that you wish were being said or you were lucky enough to hear and how the wording is emphasized..As I looked up, I saw every mans fantasy.¬† Two women with brooms talking sexy. I now started to watch Women’s Curling and paying attention. These weren’t your everyday over weight weekenders like the ones in the stands watching the live event, but well figured, some even hot looking,athletes. I started to sweat and saying to myself, “hey, this is kinda hot”

I could only watch it for my normal 3 minutes, of course.

Now why is this such a big deal. For men like me, an older widowed man. I didn’t think I discovered anything new, but it was exciting to say the least. Well, many men do not like porn¬† but when a good sex scene or the flash of breast hits the screen we take interest. But who in their right mind would associate sexy soft porn talk to a sport. Especially, a cold winter sport like curling. But it is The only thing close to figure skating and hockey’s Ice girls. That’s it. For the single male of all ages. We automatically take notice. If our attention is not erect, then some else will be. It is only natural. Soft porn talk or even passion talk will grab a mans attention.

I now watch women’s curling with more interest and I have even learned most of the rules. What you may want to call it, it is a lot better than watching men’s curling for me.