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Star Trek Needs a socially current tv show. Star Trek, Days of their Lives.

I think it is time for Star Trek conglomerate to become socially committed to new scripts for a new Star Trek TV series. . I mean scripts that actually try to conquer social issues. Yes they did touch on  “Sulu” being gay in their newest movie “Star Trek Beyond” with reference in pictures of his mate and daughter? You see all three heading off to spend some family quality time in early scenes of the movie. That is nice but I am thinking about something more in tune with our time. You know, like, Spock actually being an addict of a space narcotic.or, the Doctor being an alcoholic. Oh wait, he is, in the same movie he steals liquor out or Checkov’s locker. They could have taken it further with something similar to a trial for invasion of an officers quarters, punishable to 10 years in space prison and being kicked out of Star Fleet.. Plus he would have to get and stay sober.

There must be a lot more social problems with the mixing of species. We can have one species of pink skin having the species with brown skins “share Cropping” There is a lot of  story lines there.  Better yet maybe they can find that stick that has been up Spock’s ass since episode 1. Turns out that it wasn’t a stick but a skinny alien prostitute he was with in a three some partying with that space narcotics for 3 earth days and he thought she went home after 2 days.

We can have younger teen cadets taking out a rover for a joy ride and starting war. The aliens catch the kids and want to execute them. Lots of room to move here. Don’t forget the kids parents are in the on ship bar getting smashed every night. Must be good for a couple of episodes there. Teacher student episode, Teen pregnancy , even a whole spin off series of teen for Disney Channel. Let’s call it Star Trek Glimmer and Glee.

There can be an out break of space A.I.D.S. on the ship due to the crew all being of an average young adult age.. All members of space fleet for life. Stuck on a Ship for 5 years with no where to go. They can have an illegal Holo Deck programs in which there is a sex addiction to and involve secret alien group sex participation. How about a whole range of illegal programs. Fight club, gambling.0r illegal space E-Bay and even hacking and an Amsterdam Smoke Shop program.

I am tired of the same ole same ole of another alien war monger or Star Fleet Commander gone crazy waging war on star fleet because of a personal agenda. It is time for Star Trek to tackle the hard issues in a Star Trek way in the future. There may even be writers talented in this space time to write something that might change the world or do something good.

But on a serious note. the Star Trek enterprise (pun intended) is now ingrained in our society already. But it is just fluff with a violent tone. The only relevant thing the Star Trek Enterprise has is the battle between good and evil mostly with violence. Yes even the animation series is of a very violent nature. They only answer an issue with violence even though they are doing it “unintentionally” The very early Star Trek series did deal with current social problems by trying to predict that we as a species had evolved. I just hope the current Star Trek Lords will keep that more to the fore front.

The Best idea for the Star Trek Enterprise is to stick its corporate neck out a bit and move into the post Spock, Kirk era, becoming a leader into the future of moral ideals instead of followers.