Illegals in the USA must be dealt with before its too late

Do you really need an illegal  nanny?  Do you really need an illegal gardener? How about an illegal worker for your legal business? No you don’t! What you need to do is suck it up and hire legal workers that pay taxes.

Are you really that lazy and greedy that you would sell out your own country?

The U.S.A is being invaded on a subversive level. What better way to take down a country than by disrupting the economy from the inside. The more we spend on supporting illegals the less we have to support our own people.

We throw people in jail for a gram of marijuana because it is illegal  but we cannot deport people who are here illegally breaking the law for just standing on American soil.

Businesses that use illegals need to be dealt with. People who hire illegals for meaningless chores just to keep up with the Jones need to be dealt with.

When you drive past a Lowe’s or Home Depot and see 50 illegal aliens waiting to work at higher than minimum wage, do you not see a problem here. We have millions of Americans out of work because we choose to hire and illegal to avoid paying taxes because of greed.  You too are breaking the law.  Anyone that hires an illegal alien with knowledge that they are here illegally are breaking the law too. Do you want to risk getting a criminal record for greed?

Our attitudes must change and we have to pull our heads out of the ground and actually look at what is happening to the United States of America.  Many 911 terrorists were here illegal. We went after Bin Laden with vengeance. Thousands of police men are killed by illegals and we do nothing major .

You the Americans the support illegals by hiring them, voting for politicians that will do nothing and those of you that just want to give a better life are, in my opinion, traitors to their country. You are at fault. You who do not want to make marijuana legal allow violent Cartels to make more money and are giving their illegals more money to buy guns to use on Legal citizens and our Law Enforcement. YOU ARE ALL GUILTY OF BREAKING MANY LAWS OR YOU ARE GUILTY OF SUPPORTING TERRORIST TYPE ACTIVITIES.

The money we give them leaves this country at an alarming rate. Our financial infrastructure is out of balance. We give welfare to illegal mothers. We give them food stamps, housing and treat them like legal Americans and it cost hundreds of millions of dollars. We have full penitentiaries over run by law breaking, police killing, drug dealing criminals because we failed to stop them at the border.

Too many Americans cannot see the big picture and weigh what is right for their country and want to see them have a better life. This is all well and good but there is slippery slope as we start to descend upon a future of financial despair as our nation debt to China rises by the minute and we send troops to other countries to protect their borders. What about our borders?

In the U.S., illegal aliens cost the states 333billion dollars in 2006. I am guessing it is about 3 times as much here in 2014. More Americans are killed by illegals than any war we are in now.  In the mean time we have more homeless Americans because we cannot take care of our own. The break down of the cost of illegals is even more surprising.  The cost of incarceration, the judicial system, drugs and the damage they do, and the government support given to illegals is off the charts.

What we need is a non partisan government two party endorsed panel that makes decisions based on what is good for the country and swayed for votes and political party agendas. A panel that say if we need to put 20,000 troops on the border, then we do it. A panel that says we need to remove and deport anyone that is illegal in this country with a larger immigration police force to do this, then we do it.

If we do not make changes to our illegal alien policy very soon, the job of doing this will be more costly  in the future. This is an invasion pure and simple.

The sign on the statue of liberty “Give us your poor etc etc etc” has to be done but do it legally. It does not matter if an illegal has been here for 30 years or 30 minutes, the are still breaking the law.

This what it is all about. The law and the consequences of breaking the law. It is time to enforce these laws


About harpdog

I am a father of 5 children and a step father to 5 more and from these 10 kids I have 17 children that call me grandpa. I have been involved in sports of all type since I was 10 as either a player, coach and manager in hockey and baseball and as a fast pitch softball umpire until my retirement from sports this year. Today I currently completing a book on hitting. I am an ex-drug addict who has been clean and sober for over 30 years.

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