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Where did you learn to drive, Sandwich school?

Freeway driving is just a nightmare in most big Cities and you have to protect yourself at all times.¬† Some states are worse than others and I can’t say with certainty that all are bad but my god, where the hell did you learn how to drive and who gave you a drivers license?

Remember the 4 second rule at

Ever wonder why traffic is backed up when there is no accidents? Highway patrol blame one of the reasons on “weavers” You know those guys that zip in and out of traffic thinking they will get to their destination faster. Yea they may get there 30 seconds or a minute faster on a 20 minute trip but the legal drivers get the bad traffic they have caused and 30 minutes later and 25 weavers later, the traffic is now slowed to half speed or to a full stop at times. The math is in and the experts have proven that weavers are responsible, for the most part to many accidents directly and indirectly due to forcing people to break more than usual.

I could rant forever about these drivers that squeeze their cars into parallel parking size spaces at 60 M.P.H. causing the legal driver to break which causes the behind vehicles to break and thus you have a chain reaction of breakers. Now weaver will do this to every lane for 6 or 7 times or more on their trip and all up a sudden you have more impatient weavers doing this more often until someone hits some one. This is highly illegal should be policed better because it is dangerous but its not. POLICE DO YOU DAMN JOB!

Take that phone and shove it. You know its against the law but you do it anyway and rarely the gabber mouths don’t get a ticket. POLICE DO YOU DAMN JOBS!

How about some someone letting me by. Ever notice that cars in the “fast lane” go the same speed as the car next to them. Thus they leave a line of cars wanting to pass but can’t. Even if they are going the speed limit does not mean you should let faster drivers¬† stay behind you. You are breaking the law.. Slower traffic must move over even if you are speeding. Turn off your cruise control you lazy ass. Cruise control is for the open highway, not city freeway driving.¬† POLICE DO YOUR GODDAMN JOB!

There are just so many instances of bad driving and just plain rude selfish assholes driving out there that all I can say is WHERE are the Police and why won’t they do their jobs? One reason is that there are not enough police being used for bad drivers because they are dealing with real crimes but dangerous driving is more important than shoplifting. Thus us legal drivers must forever be on the watch for bad drivers to protect ourselves from these criminals with 1 ton weapons in their hands.

My advice to you legal drivers is to put in cameras in you vehicles both front and back. Use good cameras that will read license plates and work at night. When you see an instance of illegal driving note the time and take that time stamped video and send it into the police.

The more people do that the more pressure is on them to DO THEIR GODDAM JOBS! If the Police cannot do their jobs for whatever reason, then we must help them or pressure them to do something.