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WELL, 2 month into hockey lockout and nothing

I am still mad. Evidently, grown men are 182 million apart and they just can’t say enough is enough, lets just split the difference. This tell me that neither side really cares about the fans that much. We are the suckers, the losers and the ones that sort of support it all. However, there is nothing we can do short of stop buying anything NHL sponsers.

However, the ones that really miss out are the charities the NHL has committed to.  No hockey means no revenue for these charities from the 50/50 game night draws to the toss coins into the united ways bins at the counters of the hockey rink.

I care for hockey and will watch it when it ever gets back but this time, no jerseys, no t-shirts, no hockey cards or memorabilia. No buys products advertised on tv, or going to the games. I will support the bars and clubs that show the games but other than that, my confidence in the league has dwindled. The third lockout in 10 years is just too much. I had junior hockey to get me through the other years but this year really hurts the more.