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Gay is a homophobic term too

Today, Andrew Shaw of the Chicago Black hawks professional Hockey club, was suspended 1 playoff game for making a homophobic slur while sitting in the penalty box after being penalized for what he felt was an unjust penalty. Not only was it at a crucial point in the game, this was a playoff .He was suspended for 1 game for His actions.  I  am not a Chicago fan.  In fact, I am the furthest thing from a Chicago fan as I am a Vancouver Canucks fan.

This is what I am curious and even mad about and that is the term “Gay”.  Mr. Hine, you are not GAY. You are not happy and in fact, from your statements about other “Gay” athlete’s not coming out of the closet tells me that you are definitely unhappy. You are a Homosexual. Gay is another homophobic term, just like F*got, Q*eer and all the other gross terms people call the homosexual community.

The homosexual world is far too sensitive about being called  a name and in my book, the term gay is just as bad. The old saying “stick and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me” does not apply to this world you live in anymore. Why should anyone take you seriously. I know why, The Black Hawks gave you a job due to sexual orientation and not for your writing, intelligence and reporting skill. You were waiting for a juicy bit of news to happen and you justify your acts by doing the same thing as the one you accused by using the term gay to describe your community. Here is his tweet :

But what he said tonight was inexcusable and is one of the reasons why gay athletes everywhere stay closeted and often live lives of torment

This statement alone shows his immaturity and lack of sensitivity and lack of intelligence. What people do is their own business and should be kept to themselves. The fact that you want every homosexual person to come out of the closet shows just how stupid and insensitive you really are only about  is having more  your own in your small  little homosexual world.

It is my opinion that he also used a homophobic statement and should also be brought up for disciplinary action. Who determines what is a homophobic term anyway. Just because you are homosexual and your friends are homosexual does not mean you can choose what is a homophobic term or not. There are always two sides to every story.

Now I can say, as an ex athlete and coach, umpire and referee for more years than I want to say that a lot worse has been said on the field of battle than homophobic slurs . For me calling someone a M*ther F*cker is far worse. But that statement can be heard a number of times in almost every single adult game.Even the calling of someone a B*itch can be construed as more offensive and these statements and so many more happen so many times during a contest in every sport that its is not even funny. Why is this any worse?

Now the only reason this is brought to the forefront is because an overly sensitive immature homosexual writer heard Shaw’s comments because he was given preferential seating due to the fact that he is a writer for the Black Hawks.

The writer, Chris Hine ‎@ChristopherHine, had to report this statement that wasn’t even directed at him, but at some one on the ice.  I may be wrong but I do not think so, but it is apparent to me that Ms. Hine has never played a contact sport and has no idea how emotional a highly contested game is. Things are said and done and after the game everything is supposed to be left on the ice, field of play or in the locker room. But in instances like this, Mr Hine is using this opportunity to make another homophobic statement and has jumped on the sensitive train just like so many other media writers who want to include gay acts into almost every tv show and movie to the point that I have become disgusted with many of these shows and networks that show them.

Is not anything sacred anymore. Can we not make fools out of other people by putting insensitive minorities into a position of sharing their opinions and influencing others and allowing those statements to go public.

Manny Pacqiuo speaks from his heart and his religious beliefs and it cost him millions of dollars and I believe him to be an honest individual and his is punished for being honest..

I do not think that this kind of insensitive action can be justified because a small minority of people are offended. Anything said can at sometime become offensive to someone. Chris Hine’s statements offend me and I know for a fact that his statements offend far more people than Andrews Shaw’s statement on the ice if it were not made public by a overly sensitive homosexual.

The fact that Hine does not have sex with women leaves me satisfied that his gene pool will end with him..

I dare you to challenge me on this.